Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Begining

This is my first shot at this. I am not sure where to begin. I know it has a beginning but I'd rather not focus on the start but instead on where we are going from here.
This is crunch time and we want to be ahead of the game. Our time at our home is short and we began looking for a home this past week. I am surprised how much I got involved considering I usually ignore the issues till my wife puts the big sign in front of my face. This time I jumped on it and began looking and setting appointments to see houses. I did it but regretted every phone call I made. I didn't want to leave our home.
We saw our first option and got a look on the inside. It was less room then we were used to but it had some charming points. To be honest it had a lot of things that attracted me to it. A beautiful view of the lake, a backyard that bordered the high school baseball fields, a 3 car garage that makes a special home for my bike and a loft so big that it challenges me to fnd something fun to do with it. It is all nestled in a one street neighborhood I never knew existed. A diamond in the rough, so to speak.
We made several other attempts to see other properties but they fell short. One property manager's car over heated and died a mile away from meeting with us. Another one couldn't even be shown due to the fact there was someone already occupying it even though it showed it vacant. The last final shot was when we were waiting for the owner to get there in 10 minutes. That's when I decided to run past the only one we actually looked at again because I didn't want to just sit it front of this vacant house making the neighbors curious. When we pulled up in front of the house we noticed the next door neighbors returning home from another neighbors house curiously examining us as we were looking at this possible new home. I realized their curiosity and as they walked into their home I pulled into the driveway of the home we were looking at. When we got out of the car they came back out of their home. I took this time to engage in conversation and asked them how the neighborhood was. It was an amazing conversation. He told me how all the neighbors stuck together like a family and how they always got together and hung out. Hearing him speak of his neighbors took me back to my days on Larkspur and I felt at ease. He told me he always ordered the fights and a lot of football games were watched at his home. I do love to watch a good fight and assured him I was a big fan of football. Then he asked me who my favorite team was and I hesitated for the fact that I was living in Charger territory. He told me not to be afraid and just spit it out. When I told him that I have always been a Raiders fan he celebrated in his own way and invited us into his home. His house was beautiful and he showed me his loft, (where the magic happens). It was Raiders all over! After that he continued to tell us about every neighbor and what they do. There is a lot of talent on that street and apparently if a project needs to get done they all are involved.
We saw the house from the outside about 3 times and every time Sam said it felt more like home. After I met the next door neighbors, it sealed the deal with me. A house doesn't make a home; the neighbors do.
I hope we get this place and I hope our new start begins the new hope. I can not lie and say this whole ordeal hasn't damaged me but the chance for a better future enlightens me!


Leslie said...

Nice start on a blog Jim. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's what this earth life is all about.

Sounds like you have alot of hope for this new home. Now you just need to take a picture and post it for us so we can check it out.

We are all going through negative times with new starts. Hope is what it's all about. said...

You should write more often.

You should also check out the homes in Utah...unfortunately, none are dumb enough to cheer for the Raiders! HAHAHA! Just kidding, but seriously...

Lyn said...

How lucky those people are going to be getting you, Sam and the girls for neighbors. I hope you love your new home and your new neighbors.

Leslie said...

Hey you guys. Why don't you blog. You have alot to talk about.

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